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Mission Statement

The Massachusetts Association of Regional Schools was founded in 1987.  Thirty-five years ago MARS adopted its

by-laws and has been committed to fulfilling its mission to foster and support regional schools in Massachusetts through education, collaboration, and advocacy. Working comprehensively and cohesively with its membership of Superintendents, School Business Officials, and School Committee Members along with governmental entities and other educational organizations, the Association seeks to ensure excellence in the educational opportunities afforded to the students attending all regional schools in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Association of Regional Schools seeks to devise, develop, and disseminate strategies to address issues facing regional schools. It seeks to serve as a resource to its membership through collaborative planning, professional development, and information sharing. 

Legislative Forum - April, 3, 2023

Opening for School Business Official to serve on the MARS Board of Directors 

Upcoming PD to prepare for the end of FY23 

Be sure you are registered for the annual Legislative Forum via ZOOM on April 3, 2023.  Email for the registration link or check your inbox for more information

Annual Membership Meeting
May 9, 2023 Format TBD

More information and agenda to follow.  Agenda will include the annual election of Board of Directors slate.  Interested in becoming a part of the leadership team and serving on the Board of Directors? If you are a school business official and interested in serving on the MARS Board?? Email for details on how to apply. 

End of Year and Balance Sheet/E & D Certification workshop information has been sent to all members.  Click the drop down menu above for details or check your email for detalis. 

MARS Calendar of Events  

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