Budget Information

Recommend Funding to House and Senate for FY2015

The House and Senate have passed Joint Resolutions setting only the Required Local Contributions, Chapter 70, and minimum aid at $25.00 per student amounts as it pertains to education. The House Ways and Means Committee issued their budget on April 9 which included their proposed funding for regional transportation, circuit breaker, out of district transportation, charter school reimbursement, homeless student transportation region, and foundation reserve. They did not fund Bonus Aid. Click here for a full report

FY15 Local Aid Resolution Distribution

The House and Senate will be voting a joint resolution that will encompass Chapter 70 and local minimum contributions as it pertains to education. Not included in the resolution are: Charter school reimbursements to offset expropriations of chapter 70 from districts that lose children from the public school district; Special Education Circuit Breaker funding; and Regional Transportation reimbursement. These items will be decided during the budget process by the House and Senate. I have been told that the House and Senate will be using the Governors numbers for required contributions. I suggest you wait until the numbers are released to make sure. The numbers should be released this week or early next week. FY15 Local Aid Resolution Distribution document

Steve Hemman, MARS